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4 to Herman Aff.) reflecting that RCU was formed on November 18, 2009. Appellee testified that Marable contacted her via text messages and a Facebook message and told her that appellant was not sober and that he was worse after treatment.

effort to get this court to ignore Merrill's affidavit, Bittinger accuses AHMSI of "consistently playing a fast one with the courts with their persistent false documenting." To support that intemperate statement, Bittinger copies and pastes from Merrill's alleged Linked In profile, which ...... This charged atmosphere is evidenced by the series of Facebook messages that were published in the interim between Collins' January 13 assault and the February 10 publication of the article. As a "social networking" internet site, Facebook ...... (Id.) After the event, Marilyn Hernández, an employee of TSI, uploaded pictures of the outing on Facebook, a social networking website. (Id.) As to the Facebook incident, TSI asked its IT contractor to block access to the website for all office computers. In November, Ivie received a Facebook message and an email message from Andrews. at 10; Pl.'s Reply at 6.) This contention is belied by the tens of thousands of Twitter users who follow Arenas as he tweets about a variety of mundane occurrences. Off and on during this time, MC had difficulties with both her mother and AS stemming from issues related to cell phones, a boyfriend, a My Space page that represented MC as 18 years old, schoolwork and other teenage problems. excessive use of brand names (and trademarks) in website text, web addresses, and webpage code; (3) reposting the same consumer complaints on multiple websites so that the complaints appear new when in fact they are outdated; and (4) creating Twitter accounts that ...... Also in September 2009, Hightower asked Mc Gowan to establish a corporate group for SSR on "Linked In," a social networking website popular with professionals. Four non-party licensees of Plaintiffs' copyrights — My Space, Inc. He avoids going to school because he has been humiliated. Laub directed Arrambide to discipline a staff member, Kylie Hosmon, about a Facebook posting and Laub was dissatisfied with Arrambide's response; a senior staff member objected to a phrase used in a youth biography that was to be published in the program book for the ...... Attached are a few pictures taken by the students themselves. For more detailed analysis on many of these cases below, please also visit our blog, Next Generation e Discovery Law & Tech Blog or view our webinar on Social Media Ethics.

The columns below are sortable for your convenience, just click on the arrows to sort ascending or descending. ORDERED that Plainitff may serve subpoenas to the social-networking sites Facebook and Twitter to help identify Defendants.

The commonality of the prospective users is less certain.

It was because of an exchange of messages on Facebook that Appellee filed the petition for the CPO. Both products work on widely-used social networks (Twitter for Boathouse, Facebook for Tiger Logic). Moreover, the applications both function with social media platforms (Twitter for Boathouse, Facebook for Tiger Logic). Jennifer stated that her surgery in June of 2009 was to remove a completely encrusted cancerous tumor.

Twitter and Twitpic are incorporated in different states and have different terms of service. Horenstein declares that based on publicly available information, ie, using the Google search engine Facebook, he "discovered that Allied Corporation and Allied Capital are currently operating at least six (6) unapproved branches in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." #29 ......

Rather, Local 21 has posted on its "Facebook" page pictures of the September 7 mass picketing and blocking of the BSNF train. Plaintiffs claim they performed several activities before leaving home: (1) completing a preliminary investigation, which included searching for the subject of the investigation on "Facebook, My Space, Accurint, and other public data [web]sites"; (2) finding directions to the subject's ......

The torrent of social media evidence continues to grow and X1 continues to monitor online legal databases of state and federal court decisions across the United States, where evidence from social networking sites played a significant role. 20-27.) Benjamin Arnold, the spouse of another female employee, claims that he discovered sexually explicit email messages from Onuscho to his wife in her personal My Space account, and that he reported these email messages to Kids Peace staff.