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Oh hell, I've lost count of the number of times people have gone hysterical over Trump's comments. I have a work deal to get the Dell Latitude 5480 Basic (14" HD LCD, 7th Gen Intel i5-7200U, 4GB, 500GB 7200rpm) for $730.

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Is it a case of being too late to the party now given the sheer number of ICOs occurring and potential cannabilisation of available funds?I've been involved in the Bitcoin community for a couple years now.I cashed out $1 million into fiat, and I still have $1 million invested in crypto currencies.I am confident I would enjoy going to school in Italy significantly more than in the US, however ultimately my goal is to work in NYC within ER/AM/HF and I am concerned that I simply will not be taken ser...Monkeys, I want to learn Spanish and I would like to know which is the best way to learn a foreign language(besides traveling to that country or dating a woman from that country).Is it taking classes in college, or using an online platform like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone?

I am looking to become con..."HATES" is probably a bit exaggerated but it is clear that the Pope does not approve of Bankers.

When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's Whats App group.

We created these Whats App groups with the goal of making it easier for WSO members to organize events / happy ...

I’ve put small amounts of money in to some over the past month... I am pretty into working out but not to the point where I inject anabolics.

I was wondering if drug tests will show some of the quasi-legal or straight up banned stuff I use.

Hello monkeys, as what I am sure all of you are aware of, cryptocurrencies are getting to be pretty popular at the current moment.