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Previous estimations had suggested the huge rental bill would be as much as £100million cheaoer.

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Revelations about the huge costs of the relocation came as 23 EU cities launched slick campaign bids to be chosen as the their new home of the bodies, which employ 1,000 people.An official present at the meeting said the medicines regulator outlined how a survey revealed that 75 per cent of its 890 members of staff did not want to move to a new location.The discontent will spark calls for British authorities to lure huge numbers of its EU-employed experts to work for its replacement regulator following Brexit.Around 60 per cent of staff who work for the body, which approves drugs for use across the EU, are from the UK while more than half also have children.In documents seen by the Mail that were presented to the European Parliament’s budget committee, the regulator said Brexit is ‘the biggest challenge for [the] EMA since its establishment’.While senior EU officials have insisted that the regulators must relocate as a consequence of Brexit, yesterday it emerged that huge numbers of staff are considering staying in the UK.

The considerable discontent amongst staff was revealed by officials from the EMA during a closed-door meeting with MEPs in July.

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The UK will be told to pay a hugely contentious bill of more than £500million for two EU regulators to leave London after Brexit, documents have shown.

The extraordinary cost of relocating the medicine and banking agencies emerged yesterday as it was also revealed that the vast majority of staff do not want to leave.

EU leaders will discuss the relocations in October before a vote, likened to the Eurovision song contest, is held in November.