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She claimed he pinned her down for an hour as he attacked her, repeatedly telling her: 'By helping the shepherd, you're helping the sheep.'Hahn later went on to use her public profile, to become a Playboy Playmate and star in several 'B' movies.Rival preacher Jimmy Swaggart – later defrocked for his own sex scandal – discovered Hahn had been paid $279,000 by Bakker's ministry to keep quiet and tried to use that to get his hands on the PTL empire.

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She initially stood by her errant husband when he was found guilty of conspiracy and 23 counts of wire and mail fraud in 1989 and sentenced to 45 years in prison.His wife Tammy Faye – famous for her giant false eyelashes and makeup that appeared to have been applied with a paintbrush – died of cancer, aged 65, in 2007.She has been replaced by lookalike blonde Lori, 18 years Bakker's junior, who he married after a whirlwind 50-day romance.Today Lori sits alongside 77-year-old Bakker on his latest TV show, doing the hard-sell on their buckets and books, constantly plugging the Bakker website where end-of-times preppers can stock up on supposedly tasty treats that require nothing more than water to cook.Of course, survivors of nuclear war might be hard pressed to find uncontaminated water.During her brief celebrity, Hahn became a Playboy Playmate and starred in several 'B' movies Busted: U. marshals escorted the former PTL leader from his attorney's office to a waiting car in 1989 in Charlotte, N. But it was the sex scandal that ultimately led to Bakker's downfall.

Hahn was just 21 when she accused Bakker of raping her in a Tampa, Florida hotel room.

Bakker would later acknowledge that he'd had sex with the secretary but claimed it was consensual.

The upcoming episode of Scandal Made Me Famous will examine the scandal and speak to the Charlotte Observer reporter Charles Shepard who first uncovered the alleged sex assault and fraud.

Bakker ultimately served just five years in prison and was released on parole in 1994.

After quietly working with a ministry in California.

Shepard says he was first tipped off after a call from Hahn herself 'telling us that something had happened between her and Jim Bakker.'The reporter told the show he was threatened by PTL management several times, including one occasion, when he claims an executive pulled a 'handgun out of his pocket and dropping it on the desk, kind of in front of me, as if to let me know who is in charge and I better be well-behaved.