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Pleasing scent to be around with good performance potential. I took it from my husband to test in my skin and´s a sport scent but very elegant. Thus, I now wear Burberry London every Christmas and although it does not bring me the same compliments, it's still more enjoyable to me at that time of year.However, if you really want to get noticed, wear ADG to a Christmas party, and I guarantee people will notice you, especially the ladies. I have a collection of cologne because I can never make up my mind on a signature fragrance.

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Every time I tried it on a test strip I walked away thinking why is this a classic?It is very popular where I am, combats the Australian sun well. Nevertheless, I never wore ADG again during the winter season.Very masculine and never fails to impress the girls, it’s both airy and sexy. I fell in love with Burberry London as the ideal scent for Christmas.It ate away at me that eventually I got a small bottle and lived with it.I realised the error of my ways, this NEEDS to live on your skin for it’s magic to work. Upon first spray it bursts into life with a myriad of citrus, beautifully blended.Perfect for summer days and perfect as an inoffensive office scent. I've worn this fragrance in my entire high school... Smell- 9/10 Longevity- 9/10 ( I get 8-10 hrs ) Projection- 8/10 ( moderate - slightly radiates beyond the arms length .not heavy) Compliments- 8/10 ( got lot of compliments...

n definitely a compliment getter) Versatility- 10/10 ( all season all occasion ....

I found it in a little hole in the wall at a high end cologne shop in San Francisco.

Let me tell u guys once I sampled it, I immediately was sold and the women can't stop questioning why I smell so good.

But as someone who is allergic to those kind of notes, i found it pretty tolerable. I sneak into his bathroom and wear this from time to time when i go scrub the pool. Later through other perfumes, i learned that is the sea note. It still smells incredible and classy, and still gives me that aura of "i know i smell good and you know i smell good too".

I recently learned, those came from Calone and Sea. I absolutely love di gio Profumo as well, a more rich, mature version, and essenza.

If Acqua di Gio were human he'd be tall, handsome, square-jawed, in reasonably good shape and would have a successful career in business management. It's as obviously well-balanced and composed as it is generic; which in this case is a sad combination.