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Parks and rec online dating episode

The second was when I found out L’il Sebastian was dead.” In honor of his memory, the Parks department throws an extravagant celebration featuring the debut performance of Andy’s song, “5,000 Candles in the Wind.”Leslie & Ben throw a party to celebrate their engagement.The celebration is complicated by the arrival of Ben’s parents and his dad’s new girlfriend.

Leslie signs up for an online dating service and is horrified when Tom comes up as her perfect match.This has my vote for funniest episode of Parks & Recreation.When Leslie’s campaign advisors drop out of the race, she seeks help from her friends in the Parks department.When Parks & Rec first aired in the middle of The Office’s fifth season, reviews were overwhelmingly negative.It was viewed as nothing more than a weak imitation of The Office, with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) playing a poor man’s Michael Scott. The show found its voice, not in the mundane cynicism of Scranton. It was quirky and generous and hopeful and warm and hilarious.Meanwhile Tom endeavors to persuade Ron to invest in his new business, Rent-a-Swag.

You know it’s a great episode when you’ve got Ron, Jean-Ralphio, and The climax of Season 4’s campaign storyline, this episode has the Parks department renting a bus on the day before the election.

There’s something so much bigger than just us and our narrow theologies. Our lives have significance because of the love we’ve invested.

fan favorite will guest star on next Tuesday's all-new episode of the hit ABC comedy.

Ron challenges Chris to a cook-off, leading to an excellent sequence in a health food store where Ron and April take turns throwing away strips of vegetarian bacon.

Best of all, Tom gives us a list of abbreviations for the ages: April & Andy’s relationship was one of the show’s best surprises.

Hands-down my favorite episode of Parks & Rec, this is the one where a “freaky cult” announces that the world is going to end on May 20.