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Secret engagements dating

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Lorna Haddon, diamond ring and jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks the Jewellers, commented: "Meghan has an impressive jewellery collection and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd with a range of eye-catching pieces."Her jewellery choices really emphasise her unique fashion sense and style, and she is often spotted wearing stacking rings, contrasting metals and quirky designs.“I think Harry will opt for a unique design to align with Meghan’s individuality - something similar in style to our Platinum Diamond Marquise Ring."Meghan is also known to be a fan of statement pieces, so a ring featuring a halo of brilliant diamonds around a central stone would create the perfect eye-catching piece for a proposal from the prince."Commenting on the fact the Royal Family often opts for coloured stones, Lorna continued: "Another option for Harry would be to follow in his brother’s footsteps and choose a piece from his mother’s precious collection.Meghan is rumoured to share Princess Diana’s love of coloured stones, so there’s a chance Harry might create a bespoke design for the ring.“I think the most likely option would be for him to take a central coloured gem such as an emerald or a coloured diamond from one of Diana’s necklaces and surrounded it with a cluster of brilliant diamonds." There were rumours Harry is planning to use stones from one of his mother's tiaras earlier this year for an engagement ring, although this has not been confirmed or denied by the Palace.

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This is certainly the ring that Meghan will have to compete with if and when her engagement comes - and one expert thinks that the clean and classic styling of the Art Deco period is most likely what Meghan will opt for.Over the years, the British Monarch has changed the world for the better while battling their own personal issues behind castle doors.Attempted kidnappings, love affairs and disapproval from the Church of England has made its way into the fibers of the dynasty.The unusual ring is also presumed returned to the Royal Vaults and possibly one option Harry could offer his girlfriend.Currently the most lavish ring in the Royal Collection belongs to the Duchess of Cornwall, whose Art Deco stunner once belonged to the Queen Mother.There issues as a couple were often attributed to their 13 year age gap but soon enough, documented evidence of each partner’s infidelity surfaced.

In 1992, transcripts of a phone conversation between Di and her lover, James Gilbey, were printed in The Sun.

Being a member of the Royal Family, Harry has access to some of the most coveted jewels in the world including the former engagement rings of Royal Family members.

The most sentimental ring for the Prince would be the magnificent sapphire and diamond Garrard creation his mother Princess Diana chose on her engagement to Prince Charles - but of course, this is already taken, having been presented to the then Kate Middleton by Harry's brother William.

They royal couple were married in 1981, just a few short months after a secret engagement. William was the first Prince born to England since 1905 and is currently second in line to the throne, behind his father.

Following the tape leaks, Prince Charles went public with his extra-marital affair.

These rings are presumed to have been returned to the Royal Vaults on her death - but Meghan may find them both too old-fashioned for her taste, and the sapphire is possibly too similar to Kate's ring to be chosen.