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Treffen mit ex mann

Treffen mit ex mann-32

At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations. Information: Add: If you like it would be very nice for the travellers who read this, if you can send thisw blog already "on the road". Our luggage was soft panniers we had made from buffalo skin in Pakistan.

That is the reason that I make these long trips alone.Otherwise It's nice to see the life of other people and cultures with totally different conditions. Vulkane, riesige Naturschutzgebiete klare Bäche und hohe Wälder "Enduro-Eldorado".WE CAN LEARN THE WHOLE LIFE LONG Route: I sent my motorcycle by ship from Hamburg to Buenos Aires. The approximately route will be: Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Chile (Santiago de Chile). Than back to Patagonia over the Andes and down to Tierra del Fuego. Westwerts über Mendoza am Aconcagua vorbei nach Santiago de Chile. Wieder zurück in Argentinien breiten sich Patagoniens einsame Steppen aus.Route: Route: Von Valparaiso nach Uspalata (AR), Routa 40 nach norden ueber Jachal, Cafayate, Catchi nach Salta. Weiter nach Valdes, die Routa 3 nach sueden nach Ushuaia. Ueber Fitz Roy Massiv die Routa 40 weiter nach norden ueber Tres Lagos zum Passo Rudolfo Robolles (ev. In Chile nach Norden ueber Chohaike zu den Haengenden Gletschern. Sylvester in Bariloche( AR), weiter nach Fruitillar am Osorno Vulcan. So nah an der Abbruchkante stehend und trotz Nieselregens den ganzen Tag dem Gletscher zuzuhören und die Abbrüche zusehen. Abends kam dann doch noch die Sonne durch und der Perito Moreno begeisterte mich mit einem tollen Licht / Schatten spiel!!! Bei bestem Wetter zu den 3 Torres wandern und die Aussicht zugeniessen. Viele sagen die Routa 3 (Ostargentinien) runter nach Feuerland ist langweilig, weil schnurgerade. Ein kleines, teures Nest welches seeeehr touristisch ist.Ueber Sico Pass nach San Pedro de Atacama (CL) weiter ueber Jama Pass zurueck nach Salta. Weiter ueber Puerto Natales zum Torres del Paine N. Im Vordergrund ein Bergsee und im Hintergrund die Torres. ür Touren zum Salar de Ujuni (Jeep Touren, recht günstig).The worst: Travelling with a guy who hit a child in Bolivia. Soft bags are good, bikes can usually get through road blockades, get off the highways, it's amazing what you can fix on the road, don't count on couriers to send you stuff you need,... On the coastline to Recife, I changed direction, and in Palmares I went towards the countryside visiting Caruaru in Pernambuco, which is known for the largest market of textile and arts. They followed the Panamericana north in the hot and dry Atacama Desert.

Endless problems getting out of Bolivia via the north, neck trouble in Brazil. Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: UK to India in 7 months 1998. I went on to Recife, and up north via Joao Pessoa, until I reached my destination Natal. no flad tire..where I use to change tubes or tires in previous trips sometimes 3 times a day... On New Years Eve they arrived at 4.300 above the sea level the world`s highest geyser field El Tatio near San Pedro de Atacama. Pan de Azucar they started once more in the high Andes and rode from Chanaral over La Ola and Maricunga to Lago Verde below the famous Paso San Francisco.

Mit dem Schiff über die Magellan-Straße nach Feuerland. Die Gastfreundschaft auf den einsamen Haciendas war einmalig.

Meine schon betagte Africa Twin funktionierte wiedermal problemlos.

They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. The bikes were old with ~80,000kms on each before this trip.

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. We rode around S-America with no fixed plan and very little research beforehand. We were on 2 Honda Transalps (1993 model) which we had previously bought in England (2nd hand) and ridden to India and then shipped to Australia for 18 months.

They rode fantastic gravel roads in the Chilean and Argentina Lakes District among smoking vulcanos and deep blue lakes (roads trough the P. It offers us the garanty for travelleing relaxed in a phantasitic nature.